New Years Sales Thread (springs, Gun Shells: Titan, At2k, Ttg Target B

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New Years Sales Thread (springs, Gun Shells: Titan, At2k, Ttg Target B

Post  Cheesypiza001 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:36 pm

[size=10][size=10]PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING[/size][/size]

In order to contact me, you may either PM me, post a reply, or email me at

I accept cash, checks, and trades. No Mo's and no Paypal.


Thickwall PETG
Airsoft pistol holster
At2k turret
BBB spring
Recon front barrel attachment
Well-made stefans
Chainblazer Spring

If you want to trade me something that is worth more than what I have to offer, I may be willing to add in some cash, or some other nerf stuff that is not posted in this thread.

I am also interested in many other things....even some random parts and pieces of guns. Feel free to pm me with any trade you can offer.


Springs - Pm me if you are interested in any of the springs. Include the number of the spring you would like, how much your offer is, your state (for shipping purposes), and any other information you would like to know about the spring.

Titan shell - $5.00 + shipping

At2k shell - $2.00 + shipping

Band kits - $1.50 + shipping (6 Bands Total! Comes with 6 bands in almost any assortment of colors that you pick. These are some of the best bands out there. They last a long time, they can stretch really far without snapping, and they are overall, amazing rubber bands.)

1 Red band on my Ln'L (Ln'L is not for sale)

Relative size of bands

Tech Target Target Board - $6.00 + shipping

I also have a large bin full of random parts and pieces from guns such as the DTG, LS, Titan, and Maverick. I even have some other stuff too. PM me if you are interested in anything listed in the 2 previous sentences.

Thanks for taking a look. Smile

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